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Date & Time: Tuesday (12:00pm to 2:00pm)

Location: BSA Office (GSB 309)

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The Goodman Consulting Competition (GCC) is as a six-week, integrated consulting competition held for senior students of the Goodman School of Business to help them in developing practical business and management skills. It's a chance to apply your academic training in a real-world setting by developing a solution to an actual current business challenge!


This competition allows students the opportunity to work closely with real business to provide innovative solutions to their problems. Last year’s competition saw delegates work with Brock Golf Course, a newly acquired company, to find the most cost-effective ways to increase market share and improve their overall business model. Judges included representatives from EY, KPMG, Goodman Consulting and Brock Golf Course.

A total of four teams will be selected, with each team consisting of three delegates (you may apply individually or in a group of three). You will be required to work as a team to analyze, solve, and present your business proposal in front of the client, along with a panel of judges.

The first place prize consists of $1000 + In-kind incentives.



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