What is GBDS?


Are you looking to maximize productivity in your daily life? Want to be in charge of your life? Learn to inspire and take command of your life with the new Goodman Business Development Series.

GBDS 2017 is a one of a kind opportunity for students to develop mastery over their technical and soft skills, and help students prepare for successful careers in the future. It’s more than an ordinary workshop series, it is tailored specifically for business and accounting students, and is designed to help them grow personally and professionally – to help them find their niche.


Who should attend?

GBDS is open to all Goodman School of Business students looking to make a change in their lives and take the next step! It’s perfect both for students just entering Brock University ready to tackle their first year, as well as upper-year students who are ready to venture out into their career paths and make a difference. Seating is limited so register early to book a seat!


Program Outline:

























What you will learn/benefits:

  • Learn to set realistic goals that can help you achieve your goals

  • Expand on your ability to tackle complex situations

  • Cultivate your own leadership style

  • Staying organized to be on top of things

  • Mastering excel spreadsheets for business success


GBDS Certificate

At the end of the program, you are eligible to receive the GBDS Certificate of completion, upon successfully taking part in a minimum of 3 of the seminars/workshops.

If you have completed 3 or more of the GBDS workshops, please email with the following details to show your eligibility to receive a GBDS certificate of completion (DEADLINE: Friday, November 24th 2017):

Full Name:

Brock ID Number:

Brock Email:


Screenshot of Completed Workshops (Please see attached screenshot):

(To get a screenshot of workshops attended, log in to using your regular Brock ID and Password, then press the button on the top-right of the page to open your account menu as shown in the attached screenshot, click on event history, take a screenshot of the whole page and attach to the email)

Here is an example of the screenshot (Required items highlighted):

If you have any registration or other GBDS-related questions, please don't hesitate to contact Abid Raza at

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Office Hours & Address



Date & Time: Tuesday (12:00pm to 2:00pm)

Location: BSA Office (GSB 309)

Stay Tuned as this information will be updated regularly


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