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What is Goodman Consulting Competition (GCC)?

The Goodman Consulting Competition (GCC) is a one-day, integrated consulting competition held for senior students of the Goodman School of Business to help them in developing practical business and management skills. It's a chance to apply your academic training in a real-world setting by developing a solution to an actual current business challenge! 


This competition allows students the opportunity to work on a case developed specifically for GCC to provide innovative solutions to their problems. Delegates will be put into 3-person teams of skilled individuals and will be given a week to come up with a presentation that outlines their solution on the client’s issue.  


Delegates will be required to work as a team to analyze, solve, and present their business proposal in front of the client, along with a panel of judges.  


Teams will also be given an opportunity to network with the younger students to illustrate their thought process and provide some mentoring to first- and second-year students who want to get involved with Goodman Consulting Competition in the future. This is a great opportunity for upper year students to provide insight and guidance to the next generation of Goodman leaders.  


First place - $450

Second place -$300

Third place - $150


Delegate Fee - $5  

Dates to remember:

Opening Ceremonies – March 26th

Competition Day – March 26th

Goodman Consulting Competition FAQs:

Who can participate in GCC? 

Any 3rd and 4th year Goodman students.


What if I’m new to case competitions and consulting? 

No worries. It’s definitely a plus to have prior consulting or case competition experience, but it’s not a requirement. Case competitions can be a great place to learn new skills in a short amount of time. Just come ready to network, eager to learn, and most importantly, come ready to compete. 


What if I don’t have a team? 

Don't worry! We will be pair you up with an existing team. 


How many people can be on a team? 

A maximum of three people.


How much will GCC cost to enter? 



When is GCC being held? 

Opening Ceremonies – March 26th   

More Details to come!  


Who will be the judges? 

A panel of three judges. One from BDO, one from CPA Ontario, and the last one is yet to be determined. 


Do I receive the case before or during the competition? 

You will receive the case during Opening Ceremonies (a week in advance) and will be able work on it with your team until Competition Day.  


What should I bring? 

Laptop/Computer (try to have a webcam!), Charger, Pen, and Paper to take notes if needed. 

Remember to eat!  


GCC Sponsors

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