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What is the Goodman Break the Case (BTC) event?

The Goodman Break the Case Competition is a one-day, junior-level case competition focused on business and accounting, that is held for 1st and 2nd-year students of the Goodman School of Business. The eighth annual Break the Case Competition provides a great opportunity for junior students to develop leadership, analytical, and problem-solving skills, and gain practical experience working with their team to present their case to industry professionals.  

The chosen delegates, in teams of two or three, will have the opportunity to work in a group to analyze and present a creative and innovative solution to a business problem. The teams will be able to apply their teamwork, organization, presentation, and problem-solving skills to be successful.  

As Break the Case is a Junior Level Case Competition, teams will work on a case that focuses on basic accounting knowledge as well as general knowledge of various business aspects. Therefore, the case will provide an introduction to analyzing cases and presenting them in front of industry professionals. 

Teams will also be given an opportunity to network with companies and other students in the Goodman school of business. Due to COVID-19, students did not get the opportunity to network and meet each other in person but will have the opportunity to network with professionals from CPA Canada, BDO, and various other organizations. This is a great opportunity for younger year students to provide insight and guidance to the next generation of Goodman leaders. 


First place - $450   

Second place - $300  

Third place - $150   

Dates to Remember: 

Opening Ceremonies – March 26th   

More Details to come!  


Delegate Fee - $5

BTC Partners

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