6th Annual Break The Case Competition

Harvir Khakh
Break the Case Co-Chair
Hiba Tahir​
Break the Case Co-Chair

Break the Case is the seventh annual internal Junior Level Case Competition held at Brock University, hosted by the Accounting Students’ Association. The chosen delegates, in teams of three or four, will have the opportunity to work in a group to analyze and present a creative and innovative solution to an accounting case. With a competition of this nature, delegates will be required to show strong knowledge of basic accounting and business principles as well as ethical practices. This event is designed to be an introductory competition, allowing junior students to improve their problem solving abilities, organization, and teamwork, in order to learn how to succeed in case competitions.

Delegate fee: 20$

Prizes: First place - 900$ Second Place - 300$


Interested in Volunteering?



We are always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers for various positions in order to assist in running the event. Volunteers for this event will get the opportunity to have their hours be counted in their Experience Plus profiles. In addition, all volunteers will receive free breakfast and lunch! Review the roles information before applying:



Isolation Room Monitors


Will be tasked with guiding their respective delegate teams to their isolation rooms and monitoring them as they prepare for their presentations. They will then have to escort the team to their presentation room.


Presentation Room Monitors


Will have the opportunity to interact with our respected judges and the delegate teams as they conduct their presentations. They will need to do timekeeping and ensure that the presentation process runs smoothly.


Hall Monitors


Will work together with the several Isolation Room Monitors in their respective areas to keep the delegates in check and ensure that things are running as planned. They will also contact ASA executives if any issues should arise.




Will be tasked with greeting judges upon their arrival and escorting them to their designated rooms throughout the day. They will also be assisting ASA executives with various issues that may arise throughout the day, such as delivering messages or supplies.




Questions? Contact us @ Breakthecase@goodmanasa.com


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Office Hours & Address



Date & Time: Tuesday (12:00pm to 2:00pm)

Location: BSA Office (GSB 309)

Stay Tuned as this information will be updated regularly


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